Morocco Earthquake

Moroccan village Atlas Mountains, Marrakech region

On September 8th, Morocco was struck by a powerful earthquake, which had a profound impact on the region. Numerous villages nestled in the High Atlas mountains endured significant damage, leaving many families in a state of dire need. Their urgent call for assistance resonates deeply with us. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for the outpouring of warm and supportive messages that you have shared with us during this challenging time.
Many of you have expressed a sincere desire to provide practical help to the affected families and to contribute to the rebuilding of these villages.
If you may consider making a donation, here is below a list of organizations and NGOs :

International Red Cross Link
@hightatlasfoundation via Instagram
@amalnonprofit via Instagram
@efa_morocco via Instagram
@association_tamounte_ouirgane via Instagram

   We wholeheartedly encourage you to proceed with your planned trips to Morocco ! The city of Marrakech is thriving, and daily life has returned to its usual rhythm. While certain neighborhoods in the medina experienced some impact, the historic core has largely withstood the ordeal. Restaurants, riads, cafes, and tourist attractions are open for business, and a warm welcome awaits you.
By choosing to spend your vacation in Morocco, you are not only bolstering its economy but also actively participating in the ongoing efforts to rebuild and recover.
We eagerly anticipate your visit !

Marrakech craftsmanship Berber pottery