Boujaad, 3.6 feet x 9.09 feet (110 x 278 cm)

This very charming Boujad Moroccan rug boasts a vibrant and colorful design. It's rare piece. The rug's base is dominated by a shade of brown, which sets the stage for the colorful patterns. The geometric motifs primarily consist of triangular and diamond shapes, which appear to be Berber symbols. Some shapes might even represent characters, and perhaps a house as well. The arrangement is mostly symmetrical. These patterns are in bright wool colors such as orange, green, and red, beautifully contrasting with the neutral background. The fringes at the rug's lower end seem to have retained some color, enhancing its vintage appeal. Overall, the rug encapsulates the richness of Berber artisanal traditions and the skill of Boujaad craftswomen. 

Dimensions : 2.85 / 3.6 feet x 9.09 feet (87/110 x 278 cm) with fringes
Colors : brown, orange, green, white
Wool on cotton warp
Vintage unique

Each of our vintage rugs has a story that began a long time before entering our collections.

These rugs were handmade by Berber women for their own family. They may show signs of wear or repairs. This is what makes it a singular and very unique piece. It's a vintage piece, that may present slight irregularities in weaving (edges or width). Please watch carefully the pictures, ask any questions you may have. We encourage potential buyers to closely inspect the photos and ask any questions they may have before making a purchase, as ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

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