Boucherouite, Kali, 4 x 5.7 feet (125 x 175 cm)

This pretty Boucherouite rug is just like a kaleidoscope image ! It's a cheerful rug with fresh and acidulous tutti-frutti colors in a symmetrical geometric design.

Beautiful and colorful pieces, Boucherouite rugs are the Berber women very personal expression. They invent incredible abstract or narrative designs by weaving colors and signs in unconventional compositions creating visual poetry either with subtle harmonies or bold contrasts. 

Boucherouite rugs bring color and life to your home wether you put it on the floor or hang it on your wall.

Size : 4 x 5.7 feet (125 x 175 cm)
Colors : yellow, turquoise, green, blue, purple, red...
Rug condition : vintage
Mixed textiles on a cotton base
It's a unique piece
Handcrafted in Morocco

Please watch carefully the images, it is a handcrafted vintage piece, it may have some imperfections in weaving, or edges, wear signs. 

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Our rugs are cleaned before shipping. Your Boucherouite rug will be sent from Marrakesh by DHL within 8 days.
You'll be able to follow the status of your package until it arrives at your home with your shipment traking number.

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