Azilal, Khamsa

This lovely Azilal is all about details ! Tea pots, a stove, 4 hands (the Khamsa, a good fortune symbol in the Berber culture) little colored signs... evoking friendship, domestic life and shared moments.
We love the color and quality of the natural wool and the specific weaving of the Azilal region. It is a beautiful rug with a timeless style and a charming personality.

Great to use as a rug on the floor, or eventually hang it on your wall as a tapestry.

Azilal rugs come from the region Azilal in Morocco, the area is in the Hight Atlas Mountains. They are often very creative with Berber signs or abstract designs or other drawings.

Size : 4.2 x 6.3 feet (128 x 193 cm)
Colors : ivory white natural wool, earthy tones designs
It's a unique piece
100% wool
Handcrafted in Morocco

It is a handmade piece, this rug may have slight irregularities in weaving (edges or width). Please watch carefully the pictures, ask all questions before buying.
All sales are final.